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How the NJ Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative Works

The NJPPC is designed to educate pediatricians on mental health care, help them screen for and identify mental health concerns, and get timely access to a consultation with a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (CAP). NJPPC membership includes ongoing collaboration with mental health professionals (including CAPs) and support with early identification and care management of mental health concerns, including referrals to mental health resources in the community.


Continuing Medical Education and Networking

The NJPPC offers a variety of continued education opportunities with CME credit for members to feel more confident and comfortable addressing the mental health needs of their patients.

The NJPPC hosts virtual Learning Collaboratives in partnership with the New Jersey Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. All NJPPC members receive access to monthly learning opportunities featuring didactic and case-based presentations by subject matter experts, including “Curbside Consult with a CAP” webinars presented by NJPPC Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.

Join peers and thought-leaders in pediatrics and pediatric psychiatry at yearly regional dinners with presentations and panel discussions by mental health experts on topics relevant to issues faced by patients in your practice.


Telehealth Enhancement

All NJPPC members have access to telepsychiatry services facilitated by their Regional Hub. NJPPC provides telehealth equipment to provider offices, so patients and families are able to have a telepsychiatry consult from the Hub child psychiatrist by going to their PCP’s office.

Telepsychiatry Advantages:

  • Virtual psychiatric consultations expand access to quality mental health care

  • Guidance from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists for caring for your patient’s mental health care needs in real-time

  • Patient/family-centered approach for improved patient engagement, care coordination and clinical outcomes

  • Choices for your patients: accessible in pediatric offices or in the comfort of a patient’s own home

To inquire about and enroll in telepsychiatry, contact our NJPPC Telehealth team:

Lauren Schoch
Telehealth Project Manager