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Why Join the NJPPC?

The NJPPC provides pediatricians, sub-specialists, and pediatric clinicians with timely access to psychiatric consultation and facilitates patient referrals for continued mental health care.

Benefits of NJPPC Membership

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are available to aid in early detection and identification of mental health concerns and offer free one-time psychiatric evaluations for your patients
  • Ongoing collaboration with mental health professionals through care coordination and mental health resources
  • Continued education opportunities in screening, management, and treatment for child and adolescent mental health symptoms with CME credit

Why Should Pediatricians Participate in a Regional Hub?

The NJPPC Regional Hubs provide pediatricians, sub-specialists, and pediatric clinicians with timely access to psychiatric consultation, referral to community resources, and care coordination. 

 NJPPC Hub benefits include:

  • Timely Access to Psychiatry Consultation – for appropriate cases, the NJPPC Hub CAP may see a child/adolescent for a one-time psychiatric evaluation at no charge to the patient.

  • Consultative Support to assist you with diagnostic clarification, medication management, and care coordination by a team of mental health professionals, including a child/adolescent psychiatrist.

  • Care Coordination to support patient/family engagement with appropriate community mental health treatment services.

NJPPC Membership Registration Form

Visit our registration form to apply.

NJPPC Telepsychiatry Expansion


Already a NJPPC Member?

To inquire about and enroll in NJPPC Telepsychiatry:

Lauren Schoch
Telehealth Project Manager

Since the onset of the telehealth enhancement awarded by Health Resources Services Administration [HRSA] in 2018, the Department of Health [DOH] has partnered with Hackensack Meridian Health to bring the telehealth expansion to all 9 HUBS across the state of New Jersey. To date a total of 31 practices, and 91 providers have been equipped with telehealth services. The expansion made it possible to provide tele equipment to provider offices, patients and families are able to have a telepsychiatry consult from the Hub child psychiatrist by going to their PCP’s office. NJPPC membership is required for telepsychiatry enhancement. Non-member providers must enroll in the NJPPC before they can access telepsychiatry services.

Telepsychiatry Advantages:

  • Virtual psychiatric consultations expand access to quality mental health care.

  • Guidance from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists (CAP) for caring for your patient’s mental health care needs in real-time via timely telehealth consultations.

  • Patient/family-centered approach for improved patient/physician engagement, treatment planning  & clinical outcomes.

  • Choices for your patients: accessible in pediatric offices or in the comfort of a patient’s own home.